• Our operations are based on a certified quality system based on standard ISO 9001:2008. The foundation of our service offering consists of Kierto’s hazardous waste collection and processing services and material disposal product and service concepts.
  • We are customer focused, and together with our customers we create cost effective and sustainable solutions to meet their needs.

Our quality, environmental and occupational safety policy:

  • At Kierto Environmental Services we believe that a company can call itself a quality company only when it can demonstrate concrete measures and achieved results in support of its promises. Our management culture puts people first, is fair and productive. Developing the skills of our staff and keeping up our diverse expertise has been made a cornerstone of our operations, allowing us to achieve our high standard of service. It is easy to be customer focused and achieve customer satisfaction when members of staff are motivated and enthusiastic about their work.
  • The operations of Kierto Environmental Services are defined as environmental business. Our leading principle is to provide our customers with recycling services which promote efficient and sustainable use of energy and raw material. We aim to reduce energy and raw material consumption and minimise waste and emissions also in our own operations. Using our management system, we are aware of important environmental aspects and impacts in our own operations and committed to continuously developing our operations.
  • Among our most important aims at Kierto Environmental Services are customer service, staff motivation and occupational wellbeing. Our customers have the right to receive good service, and each of our employees has the right to work in a safe environment, carry out tasks that correspond with their expertise and participate in continuous training. At Kierto Environmental Services we achieve a safe working environment by systematic operations that include risk assessments of work tasks, monitoring exposure to chemicals and close co-operation with occupational healthcare to identify and prevent risk factors.

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Quality system