• We want to offer our customers the most professional and innovative hazardous waste utilization solutions in Finland.
  • We strive to produce business solutions in hazardous waste management in the areas where we operate in Finland, create local jobs and be the most sought after employer in the field.


  • We offer targeted services so that we can give our customers more of our time.
  • We are not committed to waste quotas, allowing us to offer the best possible waste utilization solution.
  • We are local. This means we know your needs better and can react quicker and more flexibly.
  • We are easy to reach and are here to listen to your wishes.
  • We do things your way.


  • Customer satisfaction and trust are cornerstones of our operations.
  • We reward our employees for their valuable input in innovations.
  • We take responsibility for our customers’ hazardous waste and identify the occupational safety, environmental and health impacts of our operations.
  • We keep our services cutting edge by being active, taking initiative and looking forward.
  • We do productive work towards our business in order to invest in innovative solution models.