Our quality, environment, and occupational safety policies

  • We at Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut believe that a company can only call itself a quality company if it is able to demonstrate concrete methods and results to support its promises. Our management culture is considerate, fair, and achieves results.
  • Staff development and the maintenance of a wide range of professional skills is the cornerstone of our operations and helps us to achieve our high service quality. If staff are motivated and enthusiastic, customer-oriented service and customer satisfaction naturally follow.
  • Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut’s business operations are defined as environmental operations. Our aim is to provide our customers with recycling services that promote the efficient and sustainable use of energy and raw materials.
  • We also aim to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials in our own operations, and to minimise our emissions and waste. Our ERP system helps us to be aware of important environmental perspectives and impacts in our own operations, and to commit to the continuous development of our operations.
  • Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut considers customer service, personnel motivation, and personnel wellbeing to be of primary importance. Our customers have the right to good service, and every employee has the right to a safe job that corresponds to their competence, along with continuous training.
  • At Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut, we achieve a safe work environment through systematic operations that include work risk assessments, chemical exposure monitoring, and close collaboration with occupational health care to identify and prevent risk factors.